Sunday, February 13, 2011

Copper and Crude Oil Soar in Price

LONDON: Brent crude surged above $100 this week, while copper and tin futures struck record highs as a cocktail of violent unrest in Egypt and strong Chinese demand for raw materials fuelled investor appetite .

Commodities were also bolstered by upbeat manufacturing data from Germany and the United States that sparked hope of a strengthening global economic recovery. Copper futures soared as cyclone Yasi bore down on Australia.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Why does Copper Bullion cost more than the spot price of copper on the LME

I often get asked why is the price of copper bullion bars more expensive than the spot price of copper on either the London Metal Exchange or the COMEX in New York. The answer is fairly simple, these prices on the exchanges are for METRIC TONNAGE of raw copper. You have to take physical delivery of the tonnage, warehouse, or buy tonnage in the form of warrants. These are not the prices for 50 or even 500 pounds of copper. We specialize in .999 fine copper bullion art bars that are beautifully crafted, hi quality relief stamped, assayed and cut into pound or kilo increments, not metric tons of raw copper. This is the reason for the price over spot.

The following pertains to delivery of copper from The London Metal Exchange:
Delivery against LME contracts is in the form of warrants, which are bearer documents of title enabling the holder to take possession of a specified parcel of metal at a specified LME approved warehouse.  Each LME warrant is for one lot of metal, the tonnage of which is dependent on the contract specification. The front of the LME warrant displays information about the parcel of metal, including its brand, the exact tonnage, the shape and the location.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Buy Copper Bullion - Part 1

Let’s face it the US government is debasing the US dollar and if you think these idiots in Washington are going to stop their unchecked spending spree you are sadly mistaken. The US dollar has lost 95% of its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve. China recently publicly announced "the U.S. Dollar as a thing of the past" I am not advocating putting all your paper dollars in copper bullion but hedging yourself against the devaluation of the dollar makes sense. Washington is about to raise the debt limit again in March 2011 thus causing further erosion of the dollar against hard assets such as crude oil, gold bullion, silver bullion and copper bullion.

A good example is this video called Copper Bullion The New Currency

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Buy Copper Bullion?

Welcome to The Copper Exchange...
Copper Bullion Bars:
More people are beginning to invest in precious metals such as Gold and Silver and the prices of those metals are going through the roof, but did you know that the real secret metal is Copper. That's right...Copper Bullion Bars are becoming popular investments these days due to rapidly rising commodity prices. The Copper Exchange offers different designs for Copper Bullion Bars including Buffalo Stamp Copper Bars, Liberty Stamp Copper Bars, Eagle Stamp Copper Bars, and Indian Stamp Copper Bars. Our Copper Bullion Bars also come in different weights for your convenience such as Half Pound Bars, 1 Pound Bars and 1 Kilo Bars Bars and this is yet another reason for the increasing popularity of Copper Bullion Bars.

Most people don't know that Copper is one of only four metals that can be defined as bullion and this is quickly making Copper Bullion Bars an interesting investment to a large number of people as the market for metals continues to rise steadily in value. Copper Bullion Bars are a representation of real value especially in the present times with the price of other bullion and precious metals going up. There are a large number of people who collect Copper Bullion Bars as an affordable hedge for the depreciation of the U.S Dollar. There are many advantages of owning Copper Bullion Bars as a solid investment and one of the most important advantages is the fact that the price of copper has gone up over 250% in the past 2 years.

An interesting thing about Copper Bullion Bars is that they are not a recent phenomenon. As a matter of fact there was a time in our history when investing in silver had become very expensive and people starting collecting copper in the form of copper bars. The trend had become so popular that many copper bars had depictions of the President of United States of America on them.

Recently copper manufacturers are starting to make new styles of Copper Bullion Bars especially as the value of copper increases with respect to the fluctuating dollar. Copper Bullion Bars are becoming more popular and are really starting to be in demand as the price of copper rises in the marketplace.